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Dogs who survived the sinking of the Titanic:
1. Sun Yat-sen, a Pekinese belonging to Henry and Myra Harper (of Harper Row publishing fame).

2. Pomeranian owned by Elizabeth Rothschild from Watkins Glen, N.Y.

3. Pomeranian named Lady, owned by Margaret Hays of New York City, survived because Hays wrapped it in a blanket and crew members assumed it was a baby.
From the collection of J. Joseph Edgette
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A breakdown of medieval armor, since a lot of pieces are required to create a full suit.

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The beautiful Trishy Mcpherson posing in downtown Chicago today! This is just a preview to an absolutely stunning shoot!

Model: Trishy Core

Photographer: Jasemine-Denise

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i need to start gifing episodes/scenes of Wishbone

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the confederate flag is racist

"omg no it’s not! i’m just proud of my heritage!"

which is treating other human beings as property

"The Civil War wasn’t about slavery it was about State’s Rights!" 

yeah the state’s right to own slaves lmao

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very simple chain and ruffle tutorials i made for a friend and decided to share because idk it might be useful for someone

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Maryleen Chioma


insta: Maryleen_monae

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why do teapots scream like wtf shut the hell up you piece of shit

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commonly confused medieval weapons

a powerpoint by me

now stop screwing them up seriously or i will put a medieval weapon in your head

Tumblr is endearing me to being lectured at in Comic Sans

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Most people live their entire lives without ever experiencing a moment of the kind of happiness this dog is feeling.

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